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Giới thiệu

We are living in society that consumers have a louder voice than mass media and brands and the role of Crisis Management becomes even more important.

With careless statement, an employee’s mistake, a production mishap, a rival plot, a representative scandal, an sudden rumor… all can become ignite the reputation that your company has built for a long time. Of course, what you will lose is not just your reputation.

We often talk about the “stumbling blocks” of businesses called “big men”. Have you ever put yourself in there? The fire of crisis does not leave anyone, any business, from the roadside restaurant to the world’s largest corporation. Think of the “big” brands that used to be collapsed by media crisis. If there are no preparations yet, get started now.

Đối tượng nên tham gia khóa học

  • Brand Managers and Communications Directors are responsible for building, developing, and protecting brands
  • CEOs / business owners need brand protection skills at a strategic level, to build and protect a lasting brand.
  • The professionals / managers responsible for marketing and communications want to learn the process, in-depth knowledge and practical skills to improve their profession.

Lợi ích của khóa học

  • How to identify potential risks, situations that could trigger a crisis or emergency
  • How to deal with unexpected incidents
  • Skills for handling situations and working with press & media

Chương trình học


1.1 Approach and Crisis Management

1.2 Crisis manager – First responders

1.3 Crisis Management – Escalation

1.4 Crisis Management – Spreading

1.5 The last stages of crisis preparation

1.6 Crisis in the digital age and social networks



Discuss, ask questions

Crisis management practice: goal-setting practice, case study analysis, presentation.

Nguyễn Thanh Sơn

Chủ tịch Học viện Doanh nhân MVV

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son is a reputable businessman, lecturer, author and media expert in Vietnam. He is a trainer for many Google Partners training programs organized by Google, typically the Sales Masterclass program and the Elevator Senior CEO training program.

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