Future Proof Leader – Học viện Doanh nhân MVV Academy

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Chương trình đào tạo "Lãnh đạo trong kỷ nguyên 4.0" (Future Proof Leader) cho nhóm cán bộ cán bộ quản lý cấp trung và cán bộ nguồn của Tổng ...

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10 điều làm nên nhà quản lý giỏi

“Nhân tài không rời bỏ công việc, họ chỉ rời bỏ những người quản lý tồi” – Marcus BuckinghamVậy những nhà quản lý vĩ ...

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Giới thiệu

The curriculum will bring abundant of knowledge of business management in order to meet the requirement of digitalization trend. This curriculum is translated to English from “Path to Excellence” – a leading business administration program of CrossKnowledge. This curriculum 10 topics lasted in 5 months.

Topic 1: LEADERSHIP 4.0










Đối tượng nên tham gia khóa học

  • Officer at Enterprises and Groups
  • Middle management team
  • Team leaders at functional departments including Sales, Marketing, Administration, Production, Distribution…

    Lợi ích của khóa học

    • Understand and apply effectively leadership styles
    • Understand many tools and competencies for an effective leader
    • Develop & comprehend leadership competencies, including creative problem solving, relationship building & management, employee motivation, effective decision-making skills
    • Effective communication, promote work productivity
    • Build an effective organization with customer-centric orientation/li>
    • Effective workplace conflict management
    • Understand the role and importance of negotiating to win (Win-Win-Win)
    • Thinking about the future and understanding how to grasp, analyze data to make accurate predictions

      Chương trình học

      Topic 1: Leadership in the Industry 4.0 era

      ✅Effective leaders have important impact and motivate their team in order to orientate their employees toward mission statement

      ✅A leader needs a lot of qualities, knowledge and skills to guide his or her organization to achieve the business goals and build a successful company

      ✅Learners will learn numerous skills to become a great leader, situational leadership, the art of empathy, how to inspire, evoke hidden abilities and play an role of a successful leader.

      Topic 2: Branding and personal influence on digital environment

      ✅Build a foundation of logical thinking and recognize the other’s behavior to convince and have a positive impact

      ✅Apply a lot of tricks to have effect on people in sales and consultant.

      Topic 3: Creativity and innovation

      ✅Aggregating information and data as the foundation for creativity and innovation

      ✅Apply information and think of methods to create creativity and innovation.

      Topic 4: Build a customer-centric organization

      ✅Customers have accessed to many sources of information, they connect with each other easily, thus they have had strictly requirements than ever before. Leaders are increasingly concerned about customer’s loyalty. Particularly, they realize that understanding the customer journey is essential. In fact, a lot of successful leaders around the world recognize have perceived that customer-centric business orientation and digital transformation are the two leading priorities.

      Topic 5: Plan and organize

      ✅Create organizational thinking and develop methods, processes and systems to develop and implement the plan

      ✅Build, implement and monitor plan

      Topic 6: Develop and train millennials

      ✅Build a work environment that promotes employee growth

      ✅Apply positive work practices to support employee growth

      Topic 7: New style conflict management in the workplace

      ✅Identify and respond appropriately to major issues causing the conflict

      ✅Solve problems and reconcile relationships in case of a conflict

      ✅Use conflict to develop yourself and your team.

      Topic 8: Make decisions with the principles of participation

      ✅Understand all steps to make the right decision

      ✅Know how to persuade and defend the decisions you make

      ✅Properly evaluate the objective factors that affect the decision.

      Topic 9: Negotiate to win (Win Win Win)

      ✅Understand the role and the importance of negotiation

      ✅Know how to negotiate the right way to win

      ✅Understand the objective factors that influence the negotiation process.

      Topic 10: Future thinking

      ✅Understand the role and importance of future prediction

      ✅Know how to grasp and analyze the data to make accurate predictions.

      Nguyễn Như Anh

      PTGĐ Tập Đoàn FLC

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      Nguyễn Thanh Sơn

      Chủ tịch Học viện Doanh nhân MVV

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      Chuyên gia tư vấn truyền thông và quan hệ chính phủ

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      Đào Thu Hiền

      Thạc sỹ Đại học Harvard, Chủ tịch kiêm Giám đốc GPA

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      Ngô Ngọc Danh

      Nguyên Trưởng đại diện Báo Sài Gòn Tiếp Thị tại Singapore

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      Lê Hà Mai Thảo

      Giám đốc Nhân sự Tập đoàn, TTC Group

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