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Giới thiệu

To put it simply, Internal Communications is the communication between the management and the employees of the company. Good Internal Communications can:

• Make your employees work more responsibly and more efficiently

• Increase employee satisfaction, help retain employees with a moderate salary

• Increase the attachment of employees, prevent good employees from jumping

• Limit the old employees speak ill, criticize, harm the reputation of the business

With the goal of helping the managers of enterprises to build an effective internal communication strategy, thereby building internal strength for businesses, MVV Academy would like to introduce the Internal Communication course: Personal Engagement – Enhance performance.

Đối tượng nên tham gia khóa học

• Business owner, CEO

• Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager

• Specialist, Head of Communication Department

Lợi ích của khóa học

• Observe, evaluate and think in an overall way about the internal communication situation of the business

• Select suitable communication channels and integrate into a unified system

• Perfect skills in building planning and internal communication management

Chương trình học


1.1. Definition and importance of Internal Communications

1.2. Characteristics of Internal Communications

• Subjects of Internal Communications

• Necessity of an Internal Communications strategy

• Steps for building an Internal Communications strategy

• Internal Communications Products


2.1. Review:

• Discuss and Ask questions

2.2. Subject research practice of Internal Communication

• Determine the target

• Research subjects (leaders, managers, employees)

• Research sample

• Research stages (internal, external, reference)

• Research techniques (deep interview, focus group, survey, desk research)

• Research analysis

• Content audit

• Identify the problem and the solution

• Exercise on question building

2.3. Practice:

• Analyze your target audience and communication messages

• Analysis of case studies, presentations

2.4. Indicators for evaluating communication effectiveness:

• Practice building communication strategies, strategies & performance evaluation.

• Analysis of case studies, presentations

Lê Quang Vũ

CEO, Blue C

Mr. Le Quang Vu is known as a leading content expert in Vietnam with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of journalism and media. He founded Blue C with the ambition to lead the content industry in Vietnam.

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Internal Communications

Increases the attachment of employees, prevents good employees from changing jobs.

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